Links for 9 Oct. 2021

The dangers of perpetual busyness,

COVID dystopia foreshadowed in literature,

A Facebook-CIA psy-op?

Merck’s COVID-killer pill could wind up killing us,

Most-vaxxed States = Sickest States,

Environmentalism is laying the foundation for religious ecumenism,

Safe ways to prevent and overcome COVID,

Some frightening corruption within Roman Catholic charities,

Demolishing the tale of asymptomatic spread of COVID,

Disturbing new focus of the CIA,

Trying desperately to pretend that post-independence ‘America’ had a real culture in the traditional sense of that word,—em-homo-americanus–em-/

More US propaganda against China,

The latest awful invention of The $cience,

The triumph of technology over human biology; the stifling of dissent,

Victories for freedom in New South Wales,

Top trading partner for each State,

Is Europe leaving the US orbit?

US still trying to cause havoc in Syria,

A strange admission from the Spanish Health Ministry,

Moderna vaxx banned in Iceland,

A conservative estimate of how many people have died from COVID shots,

Those cell phone towers aren’t so safe,

More mysteries of the human heart revealed,

How the technocrats are trying to usher the One World Government through drugs, propaganda, ‘climate change’, and other mind-control methods,

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