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Links for 15 Oct. 2021

An analysis of the Russia Grand Duke’s wedding,

Pfizer allowed to engage in false advertising,

Another way to exploit the creation and enslave people,

Another pro athlete speaks out against COVID shots,

In Orthodox countries, the celebration of Saints gathers tens of thousands together; in the uS, it only happens for sports games, rock concerts, and the like,

The first Russian prince to freely set aside his crown and accept monasticism; a wonderworker also,

Another alternative news site to watch,

Government/Corporate oligarchs are trying to infiltrate and disrupt groups that support health freedom,

A new attempt to make a human-like AI,

The harm of social media,

Sad news about bumble bees,

Another peek into the feds’ false flags,

The creepiest NATO proposal we’ve ever read,

A great example for other States to follow regarding the banning of COVID vaxx mandates,

A supplement that helps prevent heart attacks,

The frightening traits of mass mobs that are all around us,

More automated military weapons,

How we can protect ourselves against dearth of crops/food,

The coming Dystopia,

And the opposite, a vision of Heaven given to St Iakovos of Evia,

Donate to a good cause,


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