Links for 17 Oct. 2021

The uS has already lost to China,

The Solar Minimum and record snow and cold (or, why we don’t need to blow up the economy to ‘save the planet’),

Oklahoma fights vaxx mandates,

The WEF’s vaxx passport,

Syria is the new ‘forever war’,

Why does the uS need a major Black Sea military presence, per the Heritage Foundation?  To provoke Russia?

Poland getting friendly with a former invader,

Wireless radiation and its negative effect on brain/emotional health,

More hype for the metaverse,

Some unvaxxed folks now barred from food stores in Germany,

A friend of poor people and poor animals,

A warning from the holy Archbishop Averky on Antichrist and the current state of the world,

An outpouring of wonders from an icon of the Mother of God,

Advice for escaping the snares of the demons,

Love for enemies is a mark of the true Christian; how can the uS be a ‘Christian country’ yet continually start wars with other countries?

The sufferings and glorification of two God-pleasers,

Bad China vs Good uS is vastly oversimplifying the situation,

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