Links for 19 Oct. 2021

Predictive programming on a big scale (regarding ‘climate change’ and Moon and Mars bases),

A good criticism of the oil and gas economy and a better alternative,

China is not an existential threat to the uS; our own ideologies are,

That time when Daniel Webster was for States’ Rights,

From essential workers to unemployed,

Pope Francis jumps on the censorship bandwagon,

Pfizer buys the loyalty of the MSM,

A recent miracle of healing from a myrrh-streaming icon of the Mother of God,

Poland sounds the notes of nullification in its battle with the EU; the States in Washington’s ‘union’ should follow their lead,,Poland-won%e2%80%99t-be-blackmailed-PM-tells-MEPs-in-debate-over-rule-of-law

Another effort by the locals to get the southern border under control,

Some of the names behind the rise of Big Tech in Silicon Valley,

The shameful punishing of doctors who actually treat COVID patients with real healing medicines,

Georgia’s political leaders have lost their minds,

The Ukraine, Georgia, and Romania make a pact with the Whore of Babylon,

What real community life looks like in a Christian land,

Was Syria weather-weaponed to soften her up for a uS-backed coup?

The traditional Chinese medicine view of COVID,

$124 billion going to Big Pharma to pay for their deadly COVID shots in 2022,

All the flashpoints where something could go wrong in the world,

An attempt to justify endless boosters,

What is Pfizer hiding in its secret/redacted contracts?

The absurd ways we try to amuse ourselves,

Opening another door into mind manipulation,

The uS and the broader West use religion as a cover for military/intelligence activity to undermine governments they don’t like,

Will the war against Syria end soon?

Aborted baby tissue, the vaccines they are in, and the harm the latter cause (a link to transgenderism/sexual confusion among them),

Healings brought about by receiving Holy Communion,

An excellent rebuttal of the claim that the South seceded over slavery,

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