Links for 8 Nov. 2021

Elder Ephraim of Arizona prophecies the end of America as a great world power,

The case for patriarchy,

The Roman Catholic Church completely fell apart at Vatican II,

A good meditation on what true repentance is,

More on the inability of Romantic music to replace the transcendent immanence of Orthodox Christianity,

The Orthodox history of the ancestors of the Yankees,

Trying to patent and genetically alter all of the creation,

A mass baptism celebrated in Uganda,

Efforts to deny vaxx deaths in Louisiana,

Biden’s vaxx enforcers,

New stats point to excess deaths caused by COVID vaxx,

What Republican/conservative governors should do to counter the federal vaxx mandate,

What heart problems caused by the vaxxes will mean for the future,

Pressure to go Woke in South Korea’s military,

Netflix makes a move to compete in the video game realm,

Some trouble with Sears and Youngkin (thanks to a nameless person for the link),

More variants to be spawned by using Merck’s new COVID pill?

COVID propagandists using Sesame Street to brainwash kids,

Biden Admin. starts to go for the guns,

More brain games by scientists,

The amateur Edward Durr for NJ Senate ad that helped him beat a 20-year incumbent,

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