Links for 15 Nov. 2021

Pro athletes who have died or been harmed by COVID shots,

Bill Gates wants to punish you for not masking and vaxxing,

Stamping out masculinity in the States and elsewhere,

Take Vitamin D3!

Pope Francis on beginning a new world order,

More vaxx failures,

COVID and expanded control by the Elite,

Persecuting families that refuse harmful COVID policies,

Worshipping at the altar of industrial-technological progress; making it a substitute for theosis in the Orthodox Church,

Christianity collapsing in Germany,

The metaverse, from optional to essential; and the dangers of living in an artificial world,

The need to trust in God’s good Providence,

Acquire the Love of God; everything else is worthless,

Shameless use of Santa Claus for COVID vaxx propaganda,

The uS military is in abysmal shape; several stories that spell out how bad it is:

A call for non-materialists (that includes you, Southron) to unite and take back the culture from the materialists,

The American Empire is desperate to keep its unipolar status; what it’s up to vis-à-vis Russia and China,

The power of dramatic theater for good or ill,

More fake resistance to federal vaxx mandate,

The sad fact of pro-abortion culture in the African-American community,

How the South should speak about Christianity and her culture,

‘Patrons of honorable marriage’,

A twice-martyred saint,

The sharp spike in the phrase ‘died suddenly’,

The vaxx doesn’t work,,

Andrew Lytle, family, and patriarchy,

Proposals to fight Big Tech in Washington City,

The ongoing moral collapse of the uS military,

An attempt to alter plants to make them edible COVID vaxxes,

Another Big Pharma drug that kills,

The Arctic in geopolitics,

The attempt to disguise uS hegemony in diplomacy-speak,

The crimes of the CIA,

A vaxx mandate opponent to keep an eye on,

Australia’s hard times continue,

Calls for global utopia are still being made,

Coordinated messaging on booster shots,

Chinese exceptionalism?  China is now the richest country in the world,

Shifting uses of lockdowns; now to prevent pollution,

St Malo’s care for critters,

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