Links for 18 Nov. 2021

A new book on Solzhenitsyn and the West; timely, given that some in the West are trying to foment a war with Russia,

Trying to make sense of the 14th Amendment,

Pfizer was dishonest with their death statistics,

More cultural genocide of the South,

Why we need ‘representative characters’,

The American Empire’s dirty deeds in the Horn of Africa,

More Pfizer data cover-ups,

A look at China’s approach to the economy,

Red States still failing on restoring freedom after COVID,

Europe’s delusional actions are risking war,

Pristine nature conservancy and eugenics agendas share a common antihuman root,

Bill Gates’s strong sway over the media through massive money contributions,

Vaxxes don’t work, hockey edition,

Disney hearts gambling now,

Sometimes what we love must be destroyed in order for it to be established more firmly for the future,

A valiant prince and those martyred with him,

God will meet our needs,

One of the few COVID safe havens in the States – Florida,

Swine flu killed more kids than COVID, but we didn’t jab them with a vaxx back then,

Good guidance for those considering home-schooling their kids,–you-don-t-need-to-be–qualified–to-homeschool-your-children/

A great statement of Southern foreign policy,

The mysterious nature of the universe,,

Vaxxes don’t work – Austria,

Germany shows some curiosity after a large number of soccer players suddenly die,

Ohio’s COVID death cover-up,

Smallpox the next bioweapon to be released on the world?,

Creepy dystopian admissions by Bayer’s president,

Italian COVID totalitarianism,

American Heart Association recommends heart-killing COVID shots!

Good folks still exist in the modern world,

The American Medical Association goes Woke,

American foreign policy and blowback,

Enabling millions of at-home gamblers ain’t ‘conservative’,

Neither is normalizing marijuana use,

The first dark clouds against the Virginia sky post-Youngkin election,

New insane federal immigration orders,

Characteristics of a cult,

Vaxxes don’t work, old people edition,

The uS Empire’s ill-planned moves in Asia,

The uS federal government is trying to stifle real journalism,

Be careful about claims of genocide,

Scotland vs Sweden on COVID,

The downsides of the metaverse,

Some steps to reduce the use of synthetic fertilizers (listed at the end),

Pork-barrel spending makes the rich get richer,

Australia’s non-COVID hospital surge (thanks to C for the link),

Making California an even darker den for demons,

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