Links for 19 Nov. 2021

A healthy vision for where the States could go in the future,

An early case for a President DeSantis,

Arguments against a federal military draft,

COVID shots killing natural immunity?,

Gov Edwards:  ‘Get the jab, even though it doesn’t work’ –

Failures throughout the Rittenhouse saga,

The case for online anonymity,

Proposals to protect said namelessness,

Good news from the Freedom Caucus on vaxx mandates,

Western hypocrisy in Eastern Europe,

Western troop buildup near Belarus,

Moving NATO’s nukes closer to Russian border?

Cracking down on vaxx dissenters in Greece,

Klaus Schwab’s connections to the Young Global Leaders political training ground,

Good news for food freedom,

Mexico’s Health Minister gets it right on vaxxes,

COVID shots doing more harm than good,

Gov’t control of kids in DC,

Get rid of the TSA,

Amazon collects massive amounts of information on its customers,

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