Links for 24 Nov. 2021

An intrepid Georgian dedicated to preserving his people’s priceless cultural heritage who died as a martyr trying to save innocent lives,

Good quotes from Mercia Eliade on the nature of true religion,

A violent reaction coming to sweep away Wokeness?

States, counties, towns, etc., can successfully resist and nullify unlawful acts of higher governments,

The federal gov’t is using private companies to do their 4th Amendment violations for them,

Is China’s growing wealth built on giant debt bubble?

Vaxx passports compromising data privacy,

Blasphemy at Catholic University,

Vaxxes don’t work,

Ways to detox from COVID vaxx,

Rounding up the unvaxxed into the new gulag,

Paul Craig Roberts stating what should be obvious to everyone now,

More Republican betrayal on LGBT issues,

Ivermectin helps Africa and Japan beat COVID,

The globalists’ plans to monetize unspoiled natural ecosystems,

Shameful American behavior (like oil smuggling) in Syria,

Roadblocks for Turkish expansion,

Sick dreams of a NATO war with Russia,

Troubled times for Protestants,

A good ensample for how to behave when falsely accused,

Vaxxes aren’t working in Vermont,

Poisoning wildlife and ourselves,

Stupid uS military maneuvers pushing China and Russia closer together,

God helps his confessors and martyrs during torture,

The kind of men who are needed to begin a true Christian revival,

An ensample of truly great Christian ruler, St Alexander Nevsky,

Evangelicals’ obsession with Israel hits home in Arkansas,

Miracles of St Iakovos,,,,,

Paul Kingsnorth’s anti-vaxx moment,

California public schools and LGBT indoctrination,

Throwing some doubts on the myths of holy New England,

Still trying to hide the truth about Western chemical attacks in Syria,

More evidence of vaxx-induced deaths,

How the Communists turn Christians into enemies of the State,

There is a Saint Corona (a 2nd-century martyr), and she has helped people with illnesses in the past,

It is okay to honor military saints (this one in particular has done great things even after his death),,

The charade of Biden-Xi conference,

The gut-Alzheimer’s connection,

Powerful thoughts from Paul Kingsnorth on vaxx apartheid,

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