Links for 29 Nov. 2021

A good video by Jay Dyer on the Antichrist system that is being revealed more and more each day,

These are the kinds of leaders we need to overcome the evil powers in the world,

Orthodox clergy could learn a thing or two about faithfulness to the Church from these holy martyrs,

The seal to protect us from Antichrist,

Supplements to increase immune function,

Nation of Georgia to ban online casinos,

Moral degeneracy at Princeton,

And within the EU,

Gov’t remote control of motor cars coming soon?

Wokeness and regime change operations at home and abroad,

The West lives in a delusional foreign policy world,

An ensample of saving obedience even under harsh conditions,

Another unnecessary vaxx tragedy,

Predictions of future living,

6-foot rule is a lie,

An interesting protest in a California city,

Our abuse of nature continues; may God forgive us,

Coriolanus, by Wm. Shakespeare, a tragedy for our own time (high-born vs low-born),

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