Links for 21 Dec. 2021

Elite corporate plan to transform humanity detailed,

A wonderful story of the triumph of Christianity in Yemen,

St Ilya (Elijah) of Murom and his place in Russian history and literature,

The historical development of Christian worship and church architecture,

A saint for healthy delivery of babies by their mothers,

The Roman Catholic Church is falling to pieces as its internal contradictions manifest themselves,

More on the Woke uS military,

Excess deaths are climbing because of COVID vaxxes; deadly drugs given the elderly in the UK,

Trump praises himself for his vaxx program,

Honoring St Nicholas and moderating conditions for prisoners,

Vaxxed kids have worse health outcomes than unvaxxed,

The de-Christianization of the uS military continues,

Another safe option for COVID treatment,

Mainstreaming of video games,

A great archpastor of Serbia dedicated to keeping the memory of her history alive, amongst other good works,

This is a remarkably beautiful church that St Daniel, just above, had built,,

Dangers of COVID PPE to people and the larger environment,

Holy icons and protection from natural disasters,

Looking for messages from planets in new ways,

A courageous priest confronts Pope Francis,

The Orthodox Faith is gaining strength in the West,

And in Africa,

Facebook vs the British Medical Journal,

Our generous, merciful overlords,

Approach to vaxxes of Austria and Japan is night and day,,

Trump = Biden on vaxxes and federal stimulus money,

Federal gov’t efforts to squelch dissenting COVID voices,

Farming out hard military decisions about China to AI algorithms; what could go wrong?

American decadence gets worse,

Orthodoxy and ways of thinking,

The relationship between religion and politics,

Pfizer will now charge you outrageous sums to treat you for the heart damage their vaxxes have caused,

The uS’s irrational either/or demand of Asian nations,

American false flag coming to the Ukraine?

Mass graves in the Ukraine are a result of the Obama/Biden coup in 2014,

Patriarch Bartholomew is pro-vaxx sellout,

The rest of the Ukraine could be calm like Crimea, but the West won’t let it happen,

Pregnant women should avoid acetaminophen,

Vaxxes have killed more people than COVID,

Trying to sunder sin from its consequences,

Amazon’s budding friendship with the FBI,

Psy-op against Russia,

The martyr’s staff that became a healing almond tree,

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