Links for 27 Dec. 2021

An ensample of monasticism very early in the life of the Orthodox Church; idols and their temples falling before the martyrs,

A good model for military commanders – one who prays for the souls of his fallen comrades,

When Christmas celebrations were more modest and less materialistic,

uS war crimes newly detailed,

The Vatican and its ties to the Great Reset,

St Herman of Alaska’s encounter with a beautiful angel bearing a branch from Paradise,

Bill Gates is funding a fusion reactor,

St Gregory the Wonderworker’s 3rd-century sermon on the Birth of Christ,

How the West can be renewed,

It’s creepy, but it is nonetheless the right message:  Repent (thanks to I for the link).

Extreme Zionist groups targeting Christians in the Holy Land,

An Orthodox hymn for Christmas,

And another,

We are eager to have our chains struck from us; but some holy men wore them voluntarily,

The great power that is in holy relics,

A movie worth watching,

‘As soon as we recognize that we live in the dark, we will immediately seek the light. Yet, if we think that we are living in the light, then we will never see the true light, since we only possess the light which we can see.’

The Mother of God will be at the center of a Christian people’s communal life,

The fake, Marxist ‘holiday’ of Kwanzaa,

VDH badmouth’s the South again,

Canadian government’s mass surveillance of its citizens,

Three-year-old dies from COVID vaxx,

South Koreans protesting vaxx deaths,

A pretty good speech from Eric Zemmour in France for Christmas,

The uS destroys; the rest of the world is building,

Greece will regret becoming a close uS ‘partner’,

If ‘traditional values’ are going to take root again anywhere, the words must be given solid definition and content,

uS providing the Ukraine with data that could be used to conduct a first strike against Russia,

Zuckerberg gobbling up land in Hawai’i,

Political cartoon – Trump now on the Big Pharma bandwagon,

Big Pharma and others buy access to new German government,

Bayer admits it:  COVID shot is ‘cell and gene therapy’:

Nazism rising again in the West,

What was the character of Rasputin and Tsar Nicholas II?  Who was responsible for the Russian Revolution?  Some answers:

Some ‘churches’ using people’s data to suck them into their ‘ministries’,

Protestantism leads to relativism,

‘PS: in the meantime, the LDNR [part of the Ukraine—W.G.] authorities have identified the chemical substances US PMCs have brought to the cities of Mariupol, Krasnyi Liman and Avdeevka: botulinum toxin and dibenzoxazepine.  These chemical weapon were brought over from the USA by USAF contracted aircraft and are now deployed by 120 US mercenaries.’

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