Links for 3 Jan. 2022

‘Unreasoning cowards are the standard of our day’,

A good ensample for Southern women to look up to and emulate,

How to hurt a mother (or a father) in a deep way,

A look at some of the implications of Vatican I for traditionalist Roman Catholics,

A few interesting notes on art, myth, and literature at the end of this essay,

The GOP is still the war party,

Let Louisiana leave the uS,

RFK, Jr, speaks out against totalitarianism,

Deaths up dramatically among young adults,

Psych warfare admitted to being used by gov’ts against their peoples,

Christianity declines in the uS,

Resveratrol inhibits COVID,

Vaxxes make folks more susceptible to COVID infection,

The result of rejection Christianity,

Patriarch Bartholomew reaps the whirlwind,

Some short notes on morality and law,

Overcoming fear in society,

Some reasons to eat ashwagandha,

A scientist who led the charge against GMOs,

Trying to defend COVID-status microchip implants,

China becomes a real competitor to the uS bully in Latin America,

NASA’s terraforming ideas for Mars and Venus,

How the saints save us from own self-destruction,

Fr Daniel Sysoev’s books,

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