Links for 12 Jan. 2022

Who is inspiring the science behind the COVID jabs?  You need to read this:

Trump continues to reveal his true colors,

Biden boosts the civil war narrative,

A call for manly men,

A Georgia slave has positive things to say about Southern slavery and negative things to say about Northern freedom,

An actual vaccine for COVID is now in the works (not a transhuman monstrosity like Pfizer, etc.),

Creating an historical out of piles of rocks,

A society can change quickly from peaceful to violent,

From RFK, Jr, ‘There is nothing in the CIA’s history, in its charter, in its composition, or in its institutional culture that betrays an interest in promoting either public health or democracy. The CIA’s historical preoccupations have been power and control. The CIA has been involved in at least seventy-two attempted and successful coup d’état between 1947 and 1989, involving about a third of the world’s governments. Many of these were functioningd democracies. The CIA does not do public health. It does not do democracy. The CIA does coups d’état.’

Feds knew Ivermectin and HCQ were effective at treating COVID?

Turkey playing a role in the Kazakhstan mess,

Signals of a coming uS repression of citizens at home?

uS Senate bill would authorize sabotage of Nord Stream 2 pipeline,

A destroyer of idols,

A look at Xinjiang,

Martyr Peter of Palestine, ‘“I will spare myself by remaining faithful to the truth and refusing to offer sacrifice to lifeless idols,” the saint replied. “Whoever offers sacrifice to false gods will perish.”’  This needs to be our attitude toward COVID vaxxes, etc.,

A woman who rejected wealth and power for charity and monasticism,

Metaverse hype compared to Communist promises during the Soviet era,

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