Links for 13 Jan. 2022

On the creation and fall of man,

Porn hustlers like Section 230,

Notes on fascism,

The dangers of universal suffrage,

St Irenarchus and his heavy chains,

Baking soda can do wonders for health,

Hundreds of pro athletes hurt or dead after vaxxes,

Some of those who have had limbs amputated after receiving the vaxx,

China offers Latin America a better future than the uS does,

Righteous NATO being held to account for dropping bombs with heavy metals in them on Serbia,

CIA making trouble for the Ukraine and Russia,

Consequences of Washington’s refusal to negotiate with Russia,

Scientific fascination with the Antikythera Mechanism,

uS foreign policy is infantile,

What will it take to make the West see the world realistically?

A wood-carving, book-loving saint,

The West’s destabilizing actions in the Ukraine have a religious component to them as well,

One of the oldest Christian buildings in the West (an Orthodox baptistery) is in Poitiers, France,

Toxic glyphosate present in 99.8% of urine samples of French folks,

A beholder of spiritual visions and a great miracle worker and teacher,

Big Tech vultures want to gorge even more on our personal data through metaverse, etc.,

For the 100th time, you can’t have freedom of religion and a Christian culture; it is one or the other,

Studying how the brain records memories in real-time,

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