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Links for 8 Feb. 2022

The evils perpetrated by the North during the War,

Trudeau’s hypocritical speech about the truckers,

DHS worried about people protesting lies,

Orthodoxy spreading in Brazil,

The efforts of ‘extraterrestrial species’ (aka, demons) to usher in a global gov’t and other evils (take with a grain of salt; Mike Adams can get a little carried away on such things),

Transnational corporations again building up a new world power, just as they did with the German Nazis and the Russian Communists,

The decay of Christianity in the West (abortion as sacrament, etc.),

Louisiana gives gun owner protections another try,

Rule by morally insane judges (our own kakistocracy),

A patron saint for soldiers and an excellent ensample of the extraordinary things a martyr can accomplish for God,

What State AGs can do to against covid conspirators,

BLM protests vs Ottawa trucker protests,

The globalists want Xi Jinping out of power,

A glimmer of hope in Slovakia,

 . . . and from France?

The origins of uS nuclear war doctrine, part 1,

The uS is inserting itself where it doesn’t belong, into the life of the Holy Orthodox Church,

The figures of the Old Testament are still very much alive for and present with those in the Orthodox Church,

Collection and use of video game user data to manipulate gamers and the wider society; DARPA and military AI connections, too,

Blackwater operatives and conservative politics,

Old Establishment conservatives don’t like the younger conservatives because they refuse to worship the idol of Ronal Reagan,

The vaxxed spread covid just as much the unvaxxed,

A bill to make advancing the LGBT ideology overseas a requirement for the uS federal gov’t,

A hopeful sign regarding a Roundup/glyphosate ban,

Ottawa police using dirty tactics against Canadian truckers,

Massachusetts gets it right on the dangers of cell phone towers,

The agenda of the 6th column in Russia,

A word of warning and hope about the state of the world we live in; the role the New Martyrs have to play in our lives,

Christians must expect to live at the fringes of society, where the martyrs and confessors lived, from whom we draw strength,

No mRNA jabs for China?

Spike proteins created by vaxxes higher than those with severe covid,

(Thanks to an unnamed person for the previous three links.)

A beautiful description of the Church written by St Justin Popovich,

Joan of Arc (the feminine clairvoyant who brings the masculine Logos into the world) and Orleans (the place where sacred monarchy was rejuvenated) as potent symbols for the French people,


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