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Links for 9 Feb. 2022

Russia defines the traditional values she wants to uphold through her government,

Thank God for the weather, whatever it is,

GoFundMe hypocrisy, BLM vs Ottawa truckers,–gofundme-leftists/

Moral degeneracy pronounced from Washington City,

The uS is driving away its allies with its hegemonic ideology,,

Federal hypocrisy, charging China with suppression of free speech but then doing the same against political opponents Stateside,

Gov Abbott waffles on fighting vaxx mandate for Texas National Guard,

China and Arab countries closer to a free trade agreement,

Xinjiang in perspective,

NATO expands its mission to outer space,

Will other Christian leaders speak up in support of the Canadian truckers?

A sign of how useless the uS press corps is,

The UK’s hypocrisy vis-à-vis influencing EU affairs with Russia and the Ukraine,

Saints who help barren husbands and wives to bear children,

Gary Chambers is South-hating demagogue, race-baiter, and iconoclast,

Trudeau sides with BLM over Ottawa truckers,

Pumping up another internet speculation bubble,

Another try at normalizing psychedelic drugs – they’re needed for pain relief,


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