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Links for 11 Feb. 2022

If the uS had not flaunted their superpower status, but behaved with humility toward the great powers of the past, they wouldn’t be in the sorry condition they are in now globally and at home,

Some good poetry by Wm Gilmore Simms,

Over-criminalizing of everything,

An attempted false flag against the Ottawa truckers,

Chinese view of different races in the world,

The uS weaponizing the Taliban for their own purposes,

The Patriarchate of Constantinople is a disgrace,

The uS federal gov’t wants to bring churches, etc., more completely under its sway,

Joy, optimism, relics – turning football into a religion,

The saints will help protect us if we ask them and show our trust in them,

A friend of the creation, and a group of holy martyr women to imitate,

A friend of bees from Ireland, who is also a protectress against plague and brigands,,

Small farms are feeding most of the world, not Big Ag (thanks to C for this link),

‘Christian’ Broadcasting Network spreading the lies about a Russian ‘invasion’,; try this instead,

Germany plans to commit cultural suicide by welcoming more immigrants,

Three nuns who courageous refusal to work for the Communists in the gulag should be an inspiration to all of us,


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