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Links for 12 Feb. 2022

The results of cutting ourselves off from the transcendent,

If the MSM lie about Hungary, what else are they lying about?

CIA domestic spying scandal,

 . . . The fallout could hamper uS Big Tech in Europe,

Massachusetts trying to wipe out sexual distinctions from biology class,

St Augustine is proof that our labors for God are not in vain,

Massive losses due to globalization,

What’s good for the goose . . .  – China trying to help Argentina get the Falkland Islands back from Great Britain,

How to answer an unjust accusation,

The latest scientific madness – the Underwater Internet of Things,,

Concern over monuments and the economy all of a sudden from the Elite?  Lots of hypocrisy in Canada,

God’s protection and other miracles come to us in various ways, including holy icons,

A legend about the wood of the Cross,

A glimpse of the Saints in Paradise,

An advocate of a multipolar world in Africa,


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