Links for 9 April 2022

Excellent advice on prayer from a master of the spiritual life,

A sermon on understanding and loving the Divine Liturgy,

Western sanctions bringing an end to international institutions,

Western ngo’s banned in Russia,

769 athletes collapsed March 2021-March 2022 due to heart problems,

Another attempt at online censorship,

uS House Democrats think vaxx skeptics are domestic terrorists,

uS federal officials are child abusers,

Texas makes Mexico feel some pain over lax immigration policy,

Greco-Roman temple found in Egypt,

A positive assessment of Russian accomplishments in the Ukraine war,

About fools-for-Christ; similar to the grotesque characters of Flannery O’Connor,

The very dark paths lack of faith in God will lead a person,

Improving the soil makes for healthier food,

Francis Boyle:  Russia’s claims about uS bioweapons labs in the Ukraine have merit,

The relationship between poetry and agriculture,

The inversion of the fool and other symbols of Majora’s Mask explained,

Oreo cookies go woke,

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