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Links for 2 May 2022

A good idea: Convert the criminals, then form a monastic community with them,

St Paisios discusses the spiritual aspect of the sufferings of children,

Why we should go to church services rather than stay home,

A miracle of St Luke of Simferopol leads to the conversion of a Muslim,

A life of St Luke the Surgeon and Bishop and Confessor under the Communists:



St Luke on science and religion,

The inventor of the helicopter on the corruption that the ideology of materialistic science has brought to the world,

‘The Inhumanity of Darwin’s Theory’,

Gates, DARPA, gene editing, and species destruction,

India strikes down vaxx mandate,

Politically driven arrests by the hundreds in the Ukraine,

Some of the organizations pushing sexual perversion on school kids,

The insane hubris and hypocrisy of the West and its disastrous consequences around the world:

Seven new nuns tonsured in Uganda,

Surveillance State is already here,

uS prepping for weapons sales to Ukraine a month before Russian invasion began,

Heretical beliefs at the time of the uS war for independence,

Ukrainian people are disposable cannon fodder for the loving Western Elite,

Good criticism of Republicans for jumping onboard the next forever war,

uS Deep State hates the Orthodox ties between Greece and Russia,

NATO isn’t a defensive organization,

Videos illustrating the history recounted in Russia’s Primary Chronicle,

An anti-ecumenist Patriarch of Constantinople,

A family of Christian slaves martyred for their faith,

Big Pharma’s wonder drugs bioaccumulating in fish, etc., and causing a lot of death,

Findings were suppressed and testing was skipped in developing covid vaxxes,

Amazon will reimburse employees to kill their babies,

Good riddance, Gov Hutchinson,

Some examples of how mankind has tried to stop aging and death,

The end of Roe v Wade?

Orban now on a notorious enemies’ list of violent Ukrainians,

Part of a famous speech by Alexander the Great,

More Ghost of Kiev disinformation from the Ukraine and the Western press,

Correcting the record on Pres Grant,

ESG social credit scores being applied to States, and some don’t like it,


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