Links for 4 May 2022

Mass baptism in Tanzania,

No cancel culture in Belarus; huge monument to recently reposed Bishop unveiled,

The importance of preserving ‘faith, tradition, culture, and the language of our ancestors’,

This is the disturbing post-Christian future of the uS,

Small towns are holding together better,

How the CDC, etc., have been tracking us:

Covid vaxx harms detailed in Germany,

Michelle Malkin on who benefits from the leaked Alito ruling,

Japan and others close to acquiring nuclear weapons,

Disagreement between Pope Francis and Patriarch Kirill over Ukraine conversation,

Massive ethics breaches in federal health agencies during covid; no one called to account,

Conservatives need to be ready for the totalitarian Left’s meatgrinder,

A fellow who thinks covid has other causes than a virus,

Covid vaxx shedding is real,

Chart showing which countries had the best health and economic outcomes throughout covid,

Red States should keep adding pro-life pressure to undermine Roe by passing pro-life laws,

The failure of the EU as a major factor in geopolitics,

What really satisfies the soul of a woman – feminism or being a housewife?

Cult of death, assisted suicide, established in a ‘church’ in Canada,

Reverse racism by the uS Elite,

How a holy virgin caused upheaval in the court of pagan Rome,

A great wonderworker, much tortured for his witness for Christ,

Holy icons bring an end to a plague,

A much needed Patroness of the apostate West, for all mothers and wives, and especially for those who have unbelieving husbands and children,

Gates laughably warns about misinformation on Twitter,

Brazil’s Lula wants a ‘new global governance’ to replace UN,

Employers ramping up their spying on their employees,

Moderna, etc., have created a ‘pandemic of the vaccinated’,

Sen Braun goes squishy on State sovereignty because so no one would call him a racist,

Court martialed for not masking and testing,

A Southerner in the uS House who opposes large federal donations of cash to foreign countries,

Smart phones are toxic to children’s health,

The war party’s baneful effects on the uS, ending on a note of hope,

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