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Links for 6 May 2022

The fallacy of literacy = wisdom,

Pro-abortion revolutionaries on the march in the streets,

 . . . and in the uS Senate,

Bill Gates still running the global health institutions,

Ukraine is not a beacon of human rights,

Greek government gives millions for renovations of monasteries on Mt Athos; Southern State gov’ts should also fund church and monastery building programs,

The uS is not ‘one nation, indivisible’:

Debates on spanking in schools,

This idiot would rather honor a TV meteorologist than Alfred Mouton,

Why not honor Gen Mouton?

Disturbing material showing up in ‘children’s section’ of public libraries,

Republicans who couldn’t find the courage to vote for bills to protect children from LGBT groomers,

Hymns to the long-suffering St Job,

Lessons learned about politics, covid, etc., at a rally in Ohio,

The uS using South Korea to expand NATO to the Pacific,

Turkey’s role in drug trafficking,

Modern uS and NATO are the heirs of the 3rd Reich Nazis,

Part 3, Fr Daniel, discusses the errors of Islam,

An interview about the Byzantine Empire,

We can celebrate Star Wars Day, but not days honoring Confederate veterans,

State AGs sue feds for colluding with Big Tech to suppress news stories,

We’re glad he’s doing this, but will anyone join him?

Stories of pilots harmed by covid vaxxes,

Hot peppers to prevent cancer; antioxidants to prevent dementia:

The story of a repentant robber and murderer,

German media also censoring anti-Ukraine stories,

Cocaine the substitute for Europe as Christianity evaporates,

UK revs up the smear machine against Russia,

Austrians have the right idea:  Stay out of NATO –


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