Links for 9 May 2022

‘Science’ isn’t all that trustworthy,

A Soros operative now on federal Disinformation Board,

Star Trek moralizes about Jan. 6 protests,

More acts of and calls for violence against pro-lifers,

The lies in Lincoln’s 2nd Inaugural speech,

Why don’t the uS/West celebrate the end of WWII like Russia does?

AG Landry doesn’t like railroad monopolies,

Pro-abortion protesters openly call for desecrating the most sacred things in Christianity,

Covid vaxxes kill more people than they save,

uS direct involvement in Ukraine war under scrutiny,

A factsheet about the National Endowment for Democracy, a uS asset for regime change in foreign countries,

The radical connections of a pro-abortion protest group,

Biden regime to use Title IX to push transgenderism in public schools,

Part of the New Normal – screening young athletes for heart damage caused by covid vaxxes,

GOP governors not so great on fighting crime,

No Western condemnation of Turkey’s invasion of Iraq,

Cossacks in Australia as an example for Southerners who want to maintain the identity of their ethnos,

The long-lasting negative impacts of harsh covid responses,

uS interference in Greek maritime affairs,

The uS signals it wants a lot more bloodshed with the appointment of this fellow to oversee the weapons buildup in the Ukraine,

Problems with liberalism listed,

An eye-catching optical illusion – ships floating in the air,

The West is winning propaganda victories but losing the military battle in Ukraine as well as economic vitality,

The West’s obsession with wiping out ideological competitors goes back to Charlemagne,

Reflections on the Mother of God based on the Holy Scriptures,

The love of the Russian people for St Nicholas,

The Amish, who eschew vaxxes, GM ‘food’, etc., are much healthier than those who use such things,

A great holy father and enlightener of the Georgian people,

Apple cider vinegar and other ways to detox from glyphosate,

Bezos and Musk both lobby heavily in Washington City for federal favors,

Another anti-Marxist bill signed by Gov DeSantis,

Musk aiding neo-Nazi Ukraine gov’t,

More neo-Nazi emblems in Ukraine military,

Biden LARPing as WWII leader,

$40 billion for Ukraine; where is this money coming from?

EU also considering a big debt-generating loan to Ukraine,

The often untold history of slavery in New England,

Abbott’s enemies in defending the Texas-Mexico border,

Another story plot set in the polar regions (gnostic connections:  AEON),

Bad news for healthy ag in Argentina,

Some notes on how natural science and Christianity can avoid conflicts,

Plastic recycling is a sham,

Technocrats in Biden Administration getting ready to unleash lots of ‘green’ regulations,

The latest federal hijinks – Office of Environmental Justice created,

More climate doom and fearmongering – the ocean is losing its memory,

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