Links for 16 May 2022

The grand narrative the MSM are pushing post-Buffalo shooting,

The Buffalo shooter had leftist leanings,

Princess Diana’s death not an accident?

A new cathedral consecrated in Syria,

Serbian Orthodox Church celebrates 100th anniversary of regaining independence (the Church as an important source of unity),

Romania’s gov’t sets aside a day to celebrate all the martyrs of the Communist prisons,

Territorial integrity for Ukraine but not for Serbia,

Populist Right now more anti-war than the Left:–backfire-on-whole-world-journo-says-1095507286.html

States should nullify WHO pandemic treaty:

Driverless cars as roving surveillance machines,

Swiss warplanes to protect globalists meeting in Davos,

How the uS gets foreign governments to follow its directives:  with large bribes,

McDonald’s leaves Russia permanently; if only they would leave the South, too!

NATO’s connections with Nazis,

Russia trouncing the West on a number of levels in the Ukraine,

The Stargate attitude toward religion,

Great analysis of why conservatives have failed to hold back the flood of Leftist degeneracy (thanks to a nameless person for these links):

Wireless signals cause pregnancy problems,

A good question:  Why depend on baby formula garbage when moms can breastfeed?

Globalists pushing psychedelics,

Why are leftists pushing a Republican for statewide office?

Carpetbaggers and scalawags triggered by street names in Virginia,

Why send uS soldiers to Somalia in the middle of the all-important Ukraine war?

The Christian martyrs are literally lights in this world,

One of Ireland’s most celebrated Saints:

Pat Buchanan on the misuse of words like ‘Hitler’ and ‘fascism’ to goad the public into war,

Big Tech companies building their own internet infrastructure,

A new unity to replace the old one,

A look at a pro-transgender town hall meeting,

Physical goods matter more than cyber goods:

Turkey still against NATO expansion,

Stories about St Brendan,

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