Links for 6 June 2022

Where the West went wrong in thinking about God, man, and the creation,

Recent distortions of the truth in the news media because of wokeness,

Leftists fear they are losing the war of ideas on the web; talk about more censorship,

The failure of the assault weapon ban of 1994,

Some good cultural/political news in Italy,

The GM agriculture angle of the Ukraine war (and Western geopolitics in general),

A short background on the globalist Klaus Schwab,

Novavax covid shot no better than the others,

uS trying to destabilize central Asia,

Good for some laughs,

Western sponsored religious violence,

A likely reason for Western bellicosity in Ukraine – a defeat would mean a repudiation of the three pillars (economic, political, scientific) upon which it has built its irrational, parasitic, individualistic belief system,

Are the uS/West engineering mass famine death in the third world?

The benefits of home-schooling,

Correcting the gross lies and injustice of the Bolsheviks regarding the Holy Royal Martyrs, Tsar Nicholas II and his family,

uS attempts to destroy the Orthodox Church called out,

A good ensample of how deeply Christianity is embedded in Russian culture,

Steve Kirsch’s slides on vaxx deaths,

A note-worthy description of this saint is given midway in here,

Help coming for meat-packing industry?

Poland’s new pregnancy register accused of being abusive toward women,

The latest technological savior,

Islam expands in Minneapolis,

A cancer cure?

Big Tech coming under increased scrutiny overseas,

The ignorance shown here about the nature of the uS Empire is very regrettable, but all too common in the States,

Back to the unreliable ol’ PCR test for monkeypox,

Florida is getting pretty good at fighting woke corporations,

Big Ag’s herbicides and pesticides contribute heavily to the increase in Parkinson’s Disease,

FDA sued by three doctors (God bless them!) for meddling in ivermectin prescriptions,

The WEF’s nutzo education plans,

The deep faith of Russia’s rural peasant families and communities,

Everything is Russia’s fault,

A life of New Martyr Pavel of Siberia, steadfast before the communists,

The contradictions exposed during the Jubilee in England,

A sad debate to be having,

The uS Empire, responsible for the undermining of traditional religious faith and practices all over the world, criticizes others for violations of religious freedom; the hypocrisy isn’t just palpable; its rock hard,

How the creation responds to holy men,

An uplifting tale of a godly brother and sister,

One of the treasures of the Holy Land,

Laws promoting and requiring Bible reading in public schools included in this article (Pennsylvania, Texas),

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