Links for 13 June 2022

The declaration of the Mother of God about her love for Mt Athos,

A good discussion of the themes in Dostoyevsky’s writings,

What the covid shots are causing to grow in blood vessels,

The vaxx antibody scam,

Capitol rioters are the cause of inflation???

Another call for the normalization of pedophilia,

The silver lining of persecution,

Understanding Dugin’s religious, geopolitical, etc., views,

John Henry Newman on the interconnectedness of all things,

Understanding Boris Johnson,

Speaker Pelosi on RuPaul’s drag show and other signs of crushing decadence in the West,

Myths of American altruism in foreign policy stripped away,

The Elite’s stubborn desire to track and control,

A telling necessity:  States passing legislation to protect citizens against political persecution by the feds,

Another sign that Germany is re-militarizing,

France, too,

Orthodox vs Roman Catholics and Protestants on legalism, mystery, etc.,

An interview about the 2nd Rome, the Byzantine Empire,

Google engineer claims his AI program is a living being,

Another drone enters the fray,

The poisonous culture that the uS have exported to Japan,

Attention given to the anniversary of Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty,

Orthodox victories over the communists:

The ties between technocracy and sorcery,

Jesuits for LGBT ‘saints’,

Evangelical churches tilting in the same direction,

An Easter miracle,

St Spyridon heals an emperor,

A good image of the post-Orthodox West:  pride, delusion, and a destructive fall,

A reviver of Christian culture and healthy nationalism in Romania,

St Luke of Crimea on why we should pray for the dead,

The globalists are prophesying a collapse of the food system, which will allow them to ‘build back better’,

The metaverse will compromise personal data security,

The feds fine Florida for not obeying vaxx mandates,

FDA caves to Moderna, lots of kids to suffer as a result,

The shoe is on the other foot now in the Ukraine viz civilian casualties:

The EU has become the 51st State of the uS, only without voting rights, Croatian MEP says,

What life in Liberia says about life in the antebellum South,

Considering the deeper history of Russia and its importance for the current war,

Tales of woe from uS farmers,

Federal regs about to make life harder for micro business folks,

Dieng Plateau, quite a sight to see,

LGBT views of the body sound a lot like old-fashioned Gnosticism,

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