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Links for 16 June 2022

Lavrov shows how superior he is at his job as foreign minister (see quote near the end),

Germany practices selective border closings (to protect the Elite, they must be closed; the common folk are not shown such regard):

Using technology and ideology to spread the notion of ‘synthetic sex identities’,

An Anti-Federalist prediction about the federal courts has come true,

Poland eyeing lost territory in the Ukraine?

The many uses of cornstarch,

The West continues to ‘help’ Ukraine with outdated military material,

Colombia – in South America! – sending troops to Ukraine.  Why???

India and Iran developing closer ties,

A multiplier of wheat and grapes,

Some independent investigation about Russia led a young man into the Orthodox Church Herself,

The latest phony religion from Google – develop full consciousness by immersion in fine art,

A cautionary tale not to legalize drugs,

Something good did happen in 1492; the saint of the hollow oak,

Fake sugar substitutes wreck the body’s ability to regulate itself normally,

At least 87,000 tons of PPE have been used for covid, a massive waste,

Lack of gun regulations ain’t the problem with mass shootings in the uS – try antidepressants, violent FPS video games, and politicians waging war and calling for assassinations,

Facebook sucking up patient data from hospitals,

Another life needlessly harmed by a gov’t-mandated covid jab,

Randolph Shotwell – Southern hero,

Ideas to help the middling classes,

Get kids off social media/smart phones to save them from LGBT propaganda,

The media prepares the West for Ukraine’s military defeat,

The UK dishonors itself by sanctioning Patriarch Kirill,


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