Links for 17 June 2022

Steve Turley on why conversions to the Orthodox Faith are rising and on what the UK sanctions on Patriarch Kirill mean for geopolitics and beyond,

More links between abortion and vaxx research,

More on the Kansas cattle deaths:

Putin announces end of unipolar world order,

Other takeaways from his speech:

Some post-covid action items,

The many goofy ways the uS have tried to give themselves a meaningful identity,

Composting the latest burial fad,

Why not erect crosses, icons, churches, monasteries, etc., instead of secular peace polls?

Transcendentalists thought Beethoven’s music helped them achieve communion with the divine,

How seemingly small acts can lead to great, civilizational changes,

A description of the new religion of the globalists,

Japanese sanctions on Russia backfiring, unpopular with many Japanese plain folk,

Big Pharma kick-back scheme uncovered,

Green energy windmills killing lots of animals,

Greece, distracted by Ukraine, allowed Turkey to make provocative moves in Aegean, etc.,

Europe could practice real leadership and call for peace in Ukraine, but abdicates that responsibility instead,

The significance of the double-headed eagle for New Rome/Constantinople and Moscow,

Most of the uS seems incapable of producing beauty like this,

St Nectan, a helper with plague and in battle,

The uS embracing atheism more and more,

‘The grace of the Holy Spirit is our greatest treasure’; nations die without it,

Mexico the latest to sue Google,

Trying to make LGBT people victims,

Some words on proper Christian burial,

A famed military commander of the Georgian army and a martyr,

A very important discussion of Roman Catholic teachings,

How God blessed the intent of a sick woman to have children,

How the Saints help us, even in little things,

The role of flowers in the Orthodox Church,

Reasons to visit an Orthodox monastery,

A good Christian poem,

The selfish arrogance of the uS on full display,

Dr Richard Land speaks here like a woke idiot, being triggered by a picture of a pretty plantation home,

The future of Christians is looking rather grim under the LGBT dispensation,

Some relevant thoughts on ‘traditional family values’,

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