Links for 20 June 2022

A call to fight back against biased judges,

Reassessing Pres Grant’s regime,

The first same-sex wedding in a Catholic Church in Italy,

Wonderworking icon recognized in Russia; relevant for pro-life centers, churches, etc., here in the States that are under attack by violent Leftist revolutionaries,

The rotten ideologies underpinning the elevation of Juneteenth to a national ‘holy day’,

And its false history:

Covid shots impair male fertility,

German journalist admits that Ukraine (and the West) have lost the war,

Russia has its highest trade surplus ever thanks to Western sanctions,

Covid shots aren’t working in Greece,

The UK deep state has plans to make the heads of its enemies roll,

St Nikolai Velimirovich on the West’s satanic rebellion against God,

The place where Anglos and Russians can still get a long – the Orthodox Church,

The pathology of Puritanism behind uS sanctions,

The satanic plan:  Destroy civilization through decadence so we can then be ‘free’ (thanks to a nameless person for this link),

Another telling quote from Adorno is here (via the same person),

Stravinsky’s music and schizophrenia (thank again to the same person),

Macron’s unpopularity shows in latest French elections:

A powerful missionary in Christ’s service,

Stats reveal how big of a jump in athlete deaths there has been thanks to covid shots,

Paul Kingsnorth gives some reading recommendations,

The first icon of the church, written by St Luke the Evangelist,

The uS Navy is working hard to make sure no one is offended by pronouns (scroll down for the video),

Some EU countries are wisely backpedaling on green energy commitments,

The CIA’s ties to Freemasons and other secret societies,

The blasphemous vision of transhumanists,

A saint for nationalists,

The uS is ill beyond where Russia was prior to the communist revolution of 1917,

Befriending a saint will eradicate our stress,

St Paisios of Mt Athos on Antichrist and our times,

St Agobard (+9th century) refutes UFO beliefs,

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