Links for 21 June 2022

Why theistic evolution doesn’t work, and other ponderings on creation by God vs atheistic evolution,

Analysis of Jurassic World Dominion,

The persecution of Russian and Belarussian tennis players,

DeSantis deserves praise for defending children from covid jabs,

Some evil folks in Louisiana are doing the opposite,

How to strengthen the States,

On persecution of the Orthodox in Ukraine by the Kiev regime and its allies,

A journalist and poet is also being persecuted there by the Kiev regime,

Mass baptism of children in Georgia,

Gov Edwards vetoes bill banning proof of covid vaxx,

Texas GOP makes us quite glad with statements on nullification, abortion, and marriage,

Where is the freedom in the Nazified West?

The Vatican’s pro-vaxx, pro-facemask silver coin,

Minnesota’s immoral, pro-Marxist, un-Christian teacher licensing requirements,

States must deport illegal aliens if federal gov’t won’t,

Intentionally collapsing the financial markets to usher in digital currency?

Is this proof of such a plan?

A holy king martyred for refusing to apostatize himself and his people to Islam; also, the Mother of God is a help in war battles,

Another Georgian king that also died a martyr for Christ and his nation,

Why is Russia building so many new churches but the West is not?

A great definition of the Orthodox Faith,

What do climate change and sustainability have to do with operating a functional navy?

The benefits of the co-enzyme PQQ,

Japanese court upholds the traditional definition of marriage; how long will this hold under Western pressure to accept LGBT ‘values’?

A holy queen who gave birth to a holy and memorable son,

The unhealthiness of fake, lab-grown meat,

CDC did not even look for signs of adverse reactions to covid vaxxes,

Thanks be to God, another loss for Monsanto in court,

Great missionaries of the 5th century in the East and West,

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