Links for 28 July 2022

A ridiculous voting proposal in Germany,

Bad demographic news for European countries,

Immigrants (Muslims) not integrating well into European society,

EU energy policy is causing divisions within the federation,

A new uS political party,

Latin America facing unrest because of inflation, etc.,

Speculations about the connection between monkey pox and covid jabs,

WHO calls for censorship of misinfo regarding monkey pox,

More reasons Juneteenth is a non-sensical ‘holiday’,

Mt Athos steps into the baptism controversy Abp Elpidophoros started,

Another dangerous Big Pharma med approved to ‘help’ with covid,

Greek politician gets it right on same-sex marriage, LGBT, etc.,

Italy to change Western Europe’s trajectory re: Ukraine and Russia?

A remarkable bishop of Tambov,

Western powers trying to coerce Serbia,

uS courting a war with China over Taiwan,

Brazil raises up new large monuments of the Holy Virgin Mary and the Holy Cross,

Another account of idols destroyed because of the Grace of God acting through a holy marytr,

And another,

This is a big reason why Gov DeSantis is so popular – he’s willing to challenge big, woke corporations,

A glimmer of hope in the UK on the trans issue,

Three holy icons of the Mother of God taken in procession before battle,

Collusion between FedGov and Big Tech to censor covid information detailed in all its wretched glory,

Amazon wades even deeper into the healthcare sector,

Perhaps we need less help from Amazon for our health and more help from God’s Saints,

The righteous will face persecution in this world,

Ireland’s gov’t joins Sri Lanka, Canada, and the Netherlands in the war against farmers and abundant, healthy food,

Good scholars like Dr Clyde Wilson being pushed aside by light-weight new-comers,

The Orthodox Faith transcends left and right, liberal and conservative,

The Orthodox Church of Bulgaria has created textbooks for use in schools,

A special baptismal service in Belarus coinciding with the celebration of the Baptism of Rus,

A ‘good news’ story:  A priest and a retired policeman saved a woman from being murdered by her husband,

Pro-trans court ruling in the UK,

Another lousy court ruling in the UK, basically a death sentence for a young boy,

A good reply to a bizarre essay that upheld John Brown as a model for Christian engagement with society,

St Anna’s miraculous deliverance of a family from the attack of some Nazi thugs,

The miracle of Pentecost repeated through the Holy Elder Paisios in 1990,

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