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Links for 1 Aug. 2022

A good example of Communist ‘justice’,

Why did the Protestants want to desecrate the relics of this holy man?

How a pagan gov’t will use one’s own property to accede to a false belief system,

A special protector of the family,

The importance of the hearth in various cultures:

The Roman Catholic debacle continues to unfold,

Dangerous new abortion pills on the horizon,

Librarians trying to sneak in the ‘queering’ of kids,

What is the positive content of Toryism?

Anti-Federalist arguments against the Philadelphia constitution’s taxing power,

An Orthodox memorial church established at a former concentration camp in Serbia,


Aldous Huxley on the new form of subtle totalitarianism,

France losing influence in Africa to England, Russia, etc.,

More troubles in Constantinople/Istanbul,

Will uS rulers make Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan into a new Pearl Harbor?

The Biden regime makes a very public shift on the Ukraine war,

A famous Sufi whom the modern West cannot comprehend,

The ascetic, warrior ethos of the Orthodox Church,

How the Orthodox should approach the Holy Mysteries during the Divine Liturgy,

Dr Cathey on what’s going on behind the scenes in the Ukraine war,

A good poem on the evils of uS foreign policy,

A good poetic rumination on the ingloriousness of modern Western city life,

Hypocritical uS killing of Zawahiri in Kabul,

‘The greatest of the martyrs before the time of the martyrs’ – the Maccabees of Old Testament Israel,

Reasons not to despair over being in want,

The miracles attending the martyrdom of eight farmers and a carpenter,

Progress has been made in understanding the causes of cancer, and in safe cures,

Natural remedies for depression,

Medical journals controlled by Big Pharma money,

A brave act by some Greek officers at Hagia Sophia after WWI,

Understanding the place of holy icons in the Orthodox Church,

Against public atheism; for established Christianity,


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