Links for 15 Aug. 2022

We put ourselves in great peril by dishonoring/desecrating holy icons,

The uS is getting a taste of Soviet communist ‘justice’ under the Biden regime,

For help with Crohn’s disease,

Saints used to appear in political spaces like town coats of arms, like St Werenfrid, whom the people of the Netherlands can turn to for help in their farming struggle,

The power of the Cross in the lives of individuals and of nations,

The next steps in the pro-life battle,

Mengele and transgenderism, cut from the same cloth,

The reverse racism in Minneapolis’s public school system,

Russia’s outreach to the plain folk of the West,

Another mass baptism in Africa,

Thousands of Serbs protest LGBT parade,

Marriages and multi-child families rising in southern Russia,

The wonderful pastor St John of Kronstadt’s sermon on the Dormition of the Mother of God,

New York hospital begins dystopian DNA collection,

A book that challenges lots of vaxx claims,

Pat Buchanan sounding rather pessimistic about the ‘American experiment’,

A return to the pre-Revolutionary crisis?

The snakes have returned to Kefalonia this year (a good omen),

More ecumenist bologna from Patriarch Bartholomew,

Young folks struggle to find value in Christianity in Serbia,

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