Links for 19 Sept. 2022

Why monarchy ought not to be dismissed so lightly (who is leading resistance to satanic forces like these princes?),

The ‘American tradition’ of stealing elections,

The importance of the Jesus Prayer in the Christian’s life,

Downsides to the uS war for independence from Great Britain,

In praise of King George III,

A great and holy prince, and his holy sons,

Southern music about the War years,

More geoengineering being proposed to save the planet from ‘climate change’,

120-foot Cross consecrated in Bulgaria,

The EU put on the LGBT Pride event in Belgrade; violent clashes predictably resulted,

Martyrs who stood up to such madness many centuries ago,

¾ of Dems polled think there are millions of MAGA Republicans just waiting to overthrow the system of gov’t,

The latest Soros organization aimed at doing just that,

A list of federal gun control laws,

A saint loved by the animals,

Covid jabs causing rejection of transplanted organs,

Louisiana’s leaders show their cravenness,

Why Switzerland is not a basketcase,

Soft prostitution and other notes on the effects of the Sexual Revolution,

The end of post-Schism religion in England?

A Saint to whom England can turn for a true Christian revival,

More on the 9/11 coverup,

More bizarre court orders to redefine human sexuality,

Some more fake news about Russia and North Korea,

Ancient statue of Hercules uncovered in Philippi,

Orthodox icons on display at the Queen’s funeral,

On the secular scientism devouring the West,

New statue of St Alexander Nevsky has been raised in the Ukraine,

A Protestant discovers the Orthodox Church and moves to Russia,

Two paths for restoring Faith – St John of Kronstadt or Leo Tolstoy,

A warning against idolatry,

Speaking of which,

The German-Polish verbal sparring match continues,

Has sacral kingship disappeared with the death of Queen Elizabeth II?

Green energy is phantasy, but we need to do better with oil and gas drilling,

Census shenanigans in order to give Dems an electoral edge?

Competition for Arctic resources getting stronger,

An example of the horrors caused by lust for political power,

A contrast of democracy with monarchy,

Southern cultural genocide goes on,

Zelensky wants to turn the Ukraine into ‘a big Israel’,

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