Links for 21 Sept. 2022

A church blown up by the Soviets in 1975 will be restored,

Reasons not to trust the Turks/Muslims,

The revolutionary character of modern calls for equality,

The sad fall of Vanderbilt University,

Yuval Hariri on hackable humans and Biden’s transhumanist EO,

Plum Island, Nazi scientists, and bioweapons,

Cloning embryos and killing them for organs; Israeli company the latest to go down this road,

What opponents of the woke revolutionaries can expect to be done to them,

A horrific sign of the decline of Baton Rouge and New Orleans,

Even homosexuals who don’t follow the Leftist line completely are being deplatformed,

The latest disgusting sexual perversion being pushed by the National Education Association for student uptake,

uS trying to get a foothold in Tajikistan,

The importance of Armenia to Greece and Turkey,

A review of a commentary on the Book of Acts,

Holy Elders of Optina Monastery on the coming of Antichrist,

Russia stepping up efforts to decrease abortions,

Big Pharma’s antidepressants are a fraud,

Predictions of how far the Christian population will decline in the uS,

Examining excess mortality rates around the world,

A defeat for covid vaxx mandates in Louisiana,

Surveillance state advances in NYC,

Safety of cell phones and 5G again called into question,

Changes to world politics signaled at the recent SCO meeting,

A gallant Cuban Confederate,

The uS is forcing unnecessary carnage and misery on the Ukraine and most of Europe,

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