Links for 22 Sept. 2022

A gardener-saint,

A saint beloved by the animals,

Ted Cruz just destroyed his credibility as a conservative,

Jared Kushner, too,

More Nazi symbols in the Ukraine army spotted,

The ice sheets in the Antarctic aren’t dramatically shrinking,

BBC helps Facebook censor discussions of covid vaxx harms,

Meta + Pfizer = a whole lot of love for China,

An instructive tale for tax collectors,

Why the West still needs her ancient Greek and Latin classics,

A TV show worth watching?

The LGBT mafia are ready to break the bones of those who oppose their ideology,

The Remdesivir study that no one mentions,

Stunning silliness asked of men in bathrooms,

Fuel shortages begin in Europe,

Some good points about the uS military’s misplaced priorities,

Republicans join Dems in Senate to make air conditioning more expensive and less reliable; the globalist Uniparty strikes again,

The Unification Church in Japanese politics,

Another country suffers from corruption surrounding the transition to ‘green energy’,

Criticism of Jordan Peterson’s vision for conservatives,

The number 1 problem of the Orthodox Greek diaspora in the uS is loss of the Greek language???  This archbishop has his priorities all wrong,

Celebrating the liberation of Tripoli from the Turks,

Pres Putin’s remarks on the 1,160th anniversary of Russian statehood,

A book to read on Antichrist/end times,

Russians face slander in Europe,

How an Englishman became an Orthodox convert and priest,

The phony New Apostolic Reformation is tied to Doug Mastriano in Pennsylvania,,

Serbia’s president reminds the West of her double-standard regarding territorial integrity of nations,

Lavrov at the UN destroyed the Western fictions surrounding the Ukraine war,

Pumping kids full of meds that won’t help them,

Bill Gates tries to push GM crops on Africa – again,

Race hypocrisy in the North and in California,

Some of the ways gov’t has tried to control the population’s thoughts,

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