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Links for 23 Sept. 2022

The pro-life nature of the Orthodox Church reveals itself today,

Turmoil for Orthodox Christians in the Ukraine,,

The virtues of the older generations of Greeks,

California bans more hydrocarbon-powered appliances, engines,

A good, family-loving Cajun-Southern woman (May her memory be eternal!),

The energy crisis has been imposed on the uS and Western Europe on purpose,

Jordan reworking its place in Middle East politics,

Another miracle-working icon of the Mother of God honored on the 24th,

If anyone in the future wonders why Germany collapsed, an answer is here,

Relics and icons keep history and unity alive,

Big banks continue to have deep ties to FedGov,

Turkey wants to reform the UN,

Ecumenism encouraged by the Church of England and a Southern Baptist,

Evangelical churches creating consumer mindset in their members,

An admission of the shallowness of modern Evangelical worship,

Gaming charity goes painfully woke,

The cruelties experienced by Christians in the 9th hundredyear,

The CDC’s sleezy math sleight-of-hand used to hide vaxx harms,

A lengthy interview with Paul Kingsnorth,

The dangers of wireless earbuds,

Spanish gov’t Minister of Equality (who else?) says it as plainly as one can:  Children should be allowed to have sex with whomever they want, including adults,

The homosexuals and others who started the sexual revolution are now being attacked for not being radical enough by their LGBT successors,


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