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Links for 24 Sept. 2022

A young girl fighting cancer receives help from the Mother of God,

A joyful day for Alaska,

Holiness creates equality between men and women,

uS intelligence hacking China,

More uS meddling in foreign countries’ affairs,

Ways to treat/prevent Alzheimer’s,

The Judiciary Act of 1789 shredded the Philadelphia constitution,

China has its decadent people, too,

Terrible charges against Greece if true,

Some thoughts on why Christianity is dying in the uS,

How a country/culture can survive oppression,

When to leave a sinful place and when to stay,

A baby thrown away by his mother, found and raised by monks, and became a saint,

An illustration of how long the Christian Faith has been in Russia,

How a single nun helped revive a ruined monastery and city,

Hymns to the great St Silouan of Mt Athos (+1938),

UK makes a good decision on wokeness in police,

But makes a bad one on immigration,

Hypocrisy from the ‘democratic’ West on referendums in the Ukraine,

uS military gets caught running psychological operations on social media,

Brazil’s status as a rising power in the world is causing people to take notice,


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