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Links for 27 Sept. 2022

Pro athletes not immune from covid vaxx coercion,

Oceans, not CO2 in the atmosphere, driving climate cycles,

Hate speech laws are used by the powerful against the weak,

Ideology trumps common sense in Belgium,

Another FedGov plan to complicate the uS energy grid comes under fire,

Public schools in the uS are a major factor in their societal collapse,

Arizona’s strong pro-life law allowed to go into effect,

Twisting the truth to hide damage caused by covid shots,

The benefits one good leader can a bring to a people,

An ancient medicinal plant,

A less-enthusiastic appraisal of Giorgia Meloni,

Another reason for skepticism,

One of Russia’s warrior saints, Ilya of Murom,

uS gleefully destroying economic competitors in Europe,

Shedding of viruses from vaxxes confirmed,

Loads of health benefits from turmeric/curcumin,

A link between childhood vaxxes and asthma?

Covid shots DID affect women’s menstrual cycles,

Another look at the creepy, techno-panopticon dystopia that the corporate workplace has become,

Pro-vaxx doctor suspects covid jab caused his cancer to spread rapidly,

German textile executive:  uS is using Ukraine war to consolidate global power,

EU withholds money from Hungary for her commonsense policies,

Conservative, populist political parties rising in Czech Republic,

The glaring links between Marvel/Hollywood and uS-Israeli militarism and imperialism,

The Jeffersonians at the 2022 National Conservative conference,

The referendums in the Ukraine could radically alter the war there,

More evidence confirming covid vaxx shedding,

The insidious influence of Yankee religion and Yankee public schooling on Southerners,

The War on Terror has been redirected to the homeland, to innocent men and women,

‘Uncle Sam’s global trail of wreckage’,

A very misguided panegyric for the greatness of the Twin Towers,

Christianity in the West facing ‘internal sabotage and external aggression’,

Russophobia in Estonian gov’t could affect Church life,

Remember the power of the Holy Cross,


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