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Links for 28 Sept. 2022

A martyr’s severed head causes the destruction of idols,

The ancient sources of originalism,

Manufacturing shutting down in Europe because of energy costs,

 . . . just the way the uS wants it,

uS trying for regime change in Georgia,

Russia’s new zero-waste nuclear reactor is now operational,

A good analysis of the pipeline sabotage and the geopolitical changes that will follow it,

Good paintings from a young Russian artist,

Cancel culture fails in Crimea,

China has set up a network of police/spy stations in several countries,

The effects of artificial sweeteners are deadly,

Google has a major role in bringing about the one world government,

The holy parents of a very holy son,

A very relevant hymn dedicated to them, ‘O ye faithful, having gathered together today, / let us glorify the blessed couple, the faithful Cyril and the kind Maria, / for together with their beloved son, the Venerable Sergius, / they pray to the One God in Trinity, / to establish our land in Orthodoxy, to save families in the world, / to protect the young from misfortunes and temptations, to strengthen the aged, / and that our souls may be saved’,

The elderly are expendable,

A short video on globalism and Antichrist,

Western hypocrisy on territorial integrity,

National Review reverts to its warmongering type,

The Leftists claim the Right is full of violent people, but then proves just the opposite by their actions,

An ensample of the spiritual examples we lack in the West,

CFCs not responsible for ozone layer depletion?


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