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Links for 29 Sept. 2022

A healer of souls and bodies,

Saints for Iran,

Why don’t Zionist Christians pay any attention to the wonderful saints of the Holy Land?

How a Christian city shows its unity and keeps its traditions alive,

uS pipeline sabotage – a repeat of the leadup to world war?

Covid used to legitimize dangerous mRNA technology,,

Stop praising the Philadelphia constitution,

Biden regime cranks up the voter fraud machine,

Paul Kingsnorth quoted on the evil nature of modern technology,

The stunning delusions of the uS/Western Elite – wokeness, diversity, LGBT inclusion, etc., make armies stronger and more lethal,

Homeschooling families at risk in the UK,

Free speech for BLM but not for pro-lifers,

More bad omens for Republicans vis-à-vis midterm results,

The terrible behavior of UN ‘peacekeepers’ in Africa,

An attempt to preserve venerable cultural history – in a soccer stadium???

Being a friend of the uS is dangerous business,

Beautiful Orthodox Churches from around the world,

Tyutchev tries to explain Russia to outsiders,

MSM keeping aliens in the zeitgeist,

Genetic sequencing going mainstream,

The ancient pyramids of Mexico,

Photos of the ancient St David Gareja Monastery in Georgia,,

Bill Gates was at the center of the covid response,,

Practical steps to fight globalism,

Harming babies in the womb with ultrasound and other questionable practices of prenatal care,

A short piece on the blessings of Byzantine chant,

Was the path of Hurricane Ian manipulated by man?

Student insubordination at Bastrop High School (Americanism at work),

Red States can get a handle on wokeness at public universities through control of funding,

New England Puritans did get some things right,

Globalists attack another major food provider,

A serious Orthodox discussion of transhumanism coming in October,

Just what we need – Third Temple craziness added to the mix,,


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