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Links for 14 Oct. 2022

Parent protests of Dearborn school board continue,

Cancer rates shooting upwards thanks to covid jabs,

Boeing milks the uS taxpayers and then ships jobs overseas and imports cheap foreign labor,

Proposed law in Virginia would make it a crime for parents not to acknowledge a child’s preferred gender identity,

More silly family regs in Maryland,

A small victory against cancel culture at Yale,

Churches being rebuilt in the Donbass,

A saint to pray to for peace between the Ukraine/NATO and Russia,

Vaxx-buying corruption in EU and Australia,

Chase debanks a conservative religious organization,

The FBI’s investigating priorities tell quite a story,

Bad news for pro-covid vaxxers,

Africa not buying the Western technocrats climate change/energy scarcity ideology,

Lots of countries still very interested in cooperating with Russia,

mRNA cancer vaxxes on the way,

Transhumanism accelerating,

Number gender-confused students skyrockets in Maryland county,

Russia and Turkey may thwart Western terror attack on Nord Stream pipelines,

FedGov covid emergency declaration extended into 2023,

Biden accused of seeking unlawful foreign contributions with oil gambit in Saudi Arabia; Saudis throw him under the bus,

Third Temple/Antichrist moves,,

More of the same; this is especially dangerous – ecumenism, confusing the nation of Israel with the Church,

Caution on predictions about hydrogen power,

How to overcome California’s doctor censorship law,

The latest health scare pushed by the media to cripple normal human thought and action – ebola,

The slippery slope of Biden’s marijuana pardons,

The bad effects of the public school monopoly,

Tilting education to favor women,

‘The prayers of a righteous man availeth much’; a miracle worked by Fr Ilie of the communist prison camps in Romania,

Great advice for surviving the destructive times we are living through, from a holy teacher and prophet,


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