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Links for 18 Oct. 2022

Should women who abort their children be prosecuted for murder?

The uS military is a corrupt racket to make money for generals,

Some UK airmen not looking much more principled,

Trans evil is coming to small towns; we need to be ready to fight it,

Maybe AG Landry will do something about in Louisiana,

Making life awful for boys in schools,

FEMA tries to bribe a man to change the cause of death of his son (from covid vaxx heart damage to ‘covid’)?

Trust your State, not the feds,

An ancient Medusa military medal found,

People stupidly inviting Big Tech to exploit them,

Turning AI into a future-predicting oracle,

Just in time for the farmer protests in the Netherlands – armed robots,

Early moves from Sweden’s conservative gov’t – end feminist foreign policy,

This is how serious the energy situation is in Europe,

A bad sign for the future of the States,

Israel slaps down Ukraine request for weapons,

Big geopolitical shakeup:  Saudi Arabia requests inclusion in BRICS,

German leaders value the Ukraine over their own country,

Insights of the Ukrainian gov’t revealed by pranksters,

Unrest in France,

Another CDC database shows how harmful the covid jabs are,

Regulators and corporations failing to protect the public from dangerous chemicals,

Covid fatality rate lower than initially thought (thanks to an unnamed person for these links):

Covid shots damage the brain and heart, the two organs key to the human personality; someone wants to change human beings at a fundamental level (thanks again to the unnamed person for this link),

A book worth reading,

One of the 70 icons written by the Holy Apostle Luke,

Subversive images in the Netherlands,

German politicians want ‘speech bans’ on discussion of illegal immigration,

Big LGBT-promoting organization accused of racism,

uS trying to start a war with China like it did with Japan in 1941?

The Marxist Federal Reserve,

Reasons women shouldn’t use birth control pills,

JPMorganChase has racked up $36 billion in fines since 2000 for various offenses; why doesn’t someone cancel them?

Traditional ideas about law and politics are becoming powerless against Big Tech,

Lessons from the past about rushing to re-establish a Christian political order,

Washington City’s folly in the Ukraine,


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