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Links for 4 Nov. 2022

Nothing new – voter fraud in New Orleans,

Biowarfare in the Ukraine?

Bioweapons uS patent intended for military use,

Something still isn’t right about the Pelosi attack,

Trying to make something good out of the mess that is the Declaration of Independence,

Another martyr under the communists who helped enlighten North America,

A giant of a saint,

Some good advice for Republicans post-election,

Taking a different look at the West and Russia,

Has Germany had enough of Yankee uS imperialism?

An ancient monastery uncovered in the UAE,

Putin has the right idea on focusing on Russia’s own cultural heroes rather than on imported uS fakes like Spiderman, etc.; the South should do the same,

Human CRISPR gene-editing trial goes bad, ends in death,

California State lawmakers get this one right – oppose genetically modified mosquito release in Cal.,


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