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Links for 13 Nov. 2022

A healthy vision for the future of an independent South,

A good poem on the disappointing ‘red wave’ of 2022,

A deep meditation on the soul of the South,

A letter of St Nikon of Optina, who suffered under the communists in Russia, on how Christians should live in evil times,

Being concerned with cultural relevance will destroy the Church,

Alien life true believers speculate on why we ‘earthlings’ haven’t found them, which unsurprisingly ends up boosting woke-Leftists talking points,

Orthodox saints’ bodies that have remained incorrupt/undecayed for centuries,

More evidence of mass die-off from covid shots,

Ukraine ‘aid’ turns out to be tied to Democrat crypto slush fund,

A sign that we are falling short of true love for God (thanks to C for this link),

Kindly Uncle Sam beats Russia with another economic sanction 2×4,

Russia gives away tons of fertilizer to a poor African country for free,

A holy monk predicted the dreadful state of the world today in the 17th hundredyear,

Diet makes a big difference in Alzheimer’s risk,

Science for Hire – a new documentary on the corruption of Establishment ‘science’,,

Something that’s been noted in the past – the vast interlinking of corporations with one another,

Another analyst who thinks the Repubs lost because they didn’t do enough to get their base fired up to vote,

A look at Michael Oakeshott’s political philosophy (which isn’t kind to the idea that the uS are a ‘proposition nation’),

Italy and fake nationalism (again unkind to the idea that ‘America’ is one nation),

Florida as conservative exemplar,

 . . . something Colorado is not,

Another scandal within the Biden regime,

Deindustrialization by the States was a terrible idea,

Western-backed radicals destroy important monuments to weaken the cultures/memories/resistance of the Western Elite’s enemies (Dixie could be included here),

A great saint, theologian, martyr, and ascetic the West would benefit from knowing about,

Headwinds for Pat Bartholomew in Turkey,

Enemies of death-loving scientism,

Russia and Iran deepen ties,

There is no uS/Western analog to the peaceful development going on in Eurasia,

Orthodox churches in Germany as signs of a past good relationship between Russia and Germany,

A group of 50 Christian lawmakers in Russia’s Duma is making quite a name for itself,

Oregon sheriffs get ready to nullify new State gun restrictions,

A much-needed, strong condemnation of highly processed foods,

It begins – first State lawsuit against PFAS makers,

uS tries to bully India on Russian oil,

John Bolton again shows his true character,

Financial corruption in the Vatican,

A Serbian king is blinded and regains his sight through a miracle of St Nicholas,

Don’t let the Veteran’s Day tag overshadow one of the greatest saints of the Church, St Martin of Tours,


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