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Links for 17 Nov. 2022

Cassidy tries to put lipstick on a wild destructive boar,

Secession as a solution to the problem of the uS federal gov’t,

 . . . as Republicans in Washington City don’t seem to be the answer,

Proof of fraud in Arizona elections?

Books that show the truth about ‘righteous America’,

More on Zelensky’s efforts to lie the world into WWIII,

 . . . Tucker Carlson – This would be a good time for the uS to stop backing Zel.,

A joyful anniversary for the Christian world – the re-establishment of monasticism at Optina,

Roman Catholic bishops in Germany are destroying what’s left of Christianity in their realm,

Why the uS needs almost $1 trillion for a military budget – 867 bases all over the world (but we still can’t secure the border with Mexico…),

A good description of the evil forces at work in the world today,

South Korea’s budding relationships with African countries,

A look at the direction the world is going despite uS/Western attempts to stop it,

A uS Roman Catholic bishop who understood that communism is alien to the Russian people,

Reasons to avoid ayahuasca,

Young evangelicals drifting to the Left?

Why is Tennessee imposing an age limit on drag shows?  Why not just ban them altogether since they are only a detriment to society,

Weak ecclesiology – the Church does more than ‘connect with the living Jesus’ ‘at its best’ – She is His actual Body; this author is thus a part of the problem he is diagnosing (i.e., confusion of teens about Who Christ is),

Offshore wind farms are a bad idea,

G20 wants global vaxx passports and to create ‘global digital health networks’,

Another lawsuit bonanza waiting in the wings?

A vaxx to change the body’s reaction to fentanyl – new and dangerous territory,

What Pfizer wants to do next in drug research and releases,

G20 falling apart while BRICS gains strength,

The causes of the decline of the uS,

The Sexual Revolutionaries will continue to push through ALL the institutions, including the churches opposed to them,

The spirit of desecration seems to be spreading,

A joyous event in Ecuador – the first Orthodox Church has been consecrated there,

Pseudo-spirituality on display at the latest global climate activism conference,


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