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Links for 18 Nov. 2022

New boss same as the old boss – Musk to continue shadow-banning at Twitter,

Inflation + Germany’s ‘green’ gov’t lead to meat shortages,

Principles/Commandments of the climate change religion,

The hopeful end of utilitarian ethics,

What makes a nation?

Volunteers from Russia head to the Ukraine to help the sick and needy,

New kinds of weapon systems being deployed?

Most of the kindest States are in the South and Great Plains; unkindest in Yankeeland and West Coast,

More evidence that Zelensky tried to instigate a NATO war with Russia,

Israel’s Gantz feigns outrage over Russia’s changing of Ukraine’s borders through warfare when Israel has done the same thing over the last several decades,

Turkey reaping the whirlwind for joining the uS in its terrorist-supporting, regime-change operation in Syria,

The Western powers have lost control of the neo-Nazi monster they have created and unleashed in Ukraine,

What is motivating Europe in the Ukraine war,

Marijuana legalization leading to increase in alcohol sales and other negative effects,

uS State Dept. trying to use video games to encourage people to reject news/reporting that doesn’t match the ‘official narrative’,

A different angle on the trans insanity from Jim Jatras,

Transhumanism will not empower the weak/lower classes, but only strengthen the strong and wealthy, widening the gap between rich and poor, the strong and the weak,

Big Banks and the Federal Reserve collaborate on digital dollars,

Creating a self-fulfilling prophecy of ancient techno-civilizations on earth or on other planets,

The converging factors that are causing a shortage in coal, diesel, etc.,

Euthanasia being encouraged in multiple ways in Canada,

The shameful catering of universities to individual whim,

A grab-bag of articles on the corrupt 2022 elections,


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