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Links for 21 Nov. 2022

One reason the uS is so deformed today vs their early life together:  The classical education of that earlier time has disappeared for the most part,

Don’t trust the federal courts,

Some of the States have been independent republics in the past, and can be again if they wish,

The FTX scam and its no-good implications for both political parties in the uS and for foreign countries,,

The globalist WEF was a promoter of FTX,

Another big anniversary for an Orthodox parish in the uS,

Biden regime targets poor for extermination, tries to bribe them with food to take covid death jabs,

Medical workers:  Tattoos for kids are awful, but bodily mutilation in the name of transgenderism is good,

A good swat at ‘national conservatism’,

On the uselessness of the modern ‘Thanksgiving holiday’,

Religious troubles in Poland?

ABA wants mediocre lawyers and judges,

Kevin McCarthy ain’t no conservative leader,

Trump and Republican establishment don’t seem serious about ‘draining the swamp’,

A monarch’s challenges in England today,

A little bit more ecumenism from the Vatican and Constantinople,

Iran’s successful development of a hypersonic missile is a geopolitical game-changer,

Some differences between Roman Catholic and Orthodox saints,

Iconography in the modern Russian context,

Disney’s in big financial trouble, but will it ditch the immoral agenda that is causing its collapse?

How to reverse conditions like Alzheimer’s,

A rundown of how the covid jabs harm the human body,

A compound from pomegranates shows lots of promise in fighting cancer,

Big Ag doesn’t want its Frankenfoods labeled as such,

Lawsuits over harms caused by covid vaxx mandates on the rise,

AG Landry and others actually mention State sovereignty in an appeal to FedGov,

The importance of the house church in days of weak Christianity and strong evils,

NATOstan never apologizes when its wrong,

The Ukrainian Security Service has sunk to the level of harassing Orthodox monasteries, trying to portray them as enemies of the Ukraine,

The highly-esteemed Archbishop of Albania celebrates a major milestone in his life,

The kind of murderous heathenism that could be returning to the world,

A good ensample of a Christian gov’t official,

How the Church should respond to those in worldly government who demand that she disobey the Gospel to follow its edicts,


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