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Links for 16 Jan. 2023

One of the main gods of ‘America’ is violence,

The right to use cash is being placed into law in the UK,

GOP ratchets up the rhetoric towards China,

Rioters arrested in Brazil being forcibly injected with covid shots?

Another young man ‘dies suddenly’,

Why the ancient Greek scientists didn’t succumb to the technocratic hubris of today’s Science Establishment,

The demonic is manifesting itself more strongly in the uS and could lead to the killing of Christians,

The idea of expanding the UN Security Council is floated again,

Evidence of the new dispensation opened to humanity by the God-man Jesus Christ,

Worshipping ‘nature’ can lead to terrible crimes,

The West cannot keep the Ukraine project going for much longer,

What Jordan Peterson likes about Orthodoxy that he doesn’t find in Protestantism or Roman Catholicism,

Fr Hans on making men masculine again,

Satanism’s appeal to younger people – the figure of the rebel, social activism, define your religion, self-deification,

As satanism becomes more popular, scenes like this will become more common,

German gov’t reverting to Nazism?  Ordera a Holocaust survivor to be forcibly given covid jabs,

Foreign agents behind protests in Peru?

France doesn’t trust uS intelligence cyber security teams; suspects espionage,

A hero of the Faith, a great missionary,

France and others wising up on Vitamin D and other natural remedies for covid,

Ensamples of men who have overcome the temptations of the world,,

Another saint for the blue-collar workers,

An Orthodox priest in Canada reminds the clergy that it is their responsibility to defend the persecuted Orthodox in the Ukraine, not to be respected by the political Establishment,

C. S. Lewis on the four types of love,

A short explanation of what the Orthodox Church teaches about the fate of children who die unbaptized and differences with St Augustine/the West,

The Pentagon’s new massive AI program to predict world reactions to their decisions,

MLK, Jr, is not a conservative icon,,

Reasons to study philosophy,

Another influential voice decries covid jabs,

UK trying to force a covid shot on a disabled man,

Netflix is a moral sewer,

More States trying to legalize psychedelic drugs,,

Cicero’s influence in the early uS,

Illinois sheriffs revolting against new gun control law passed in that State,

Putting up statues of college athletes but not Confederate veterans,

Early martyrs of France,

Consuming loads of global news is unhealthy,

The Woke barbarians now have chemistry in their sights,

‘We have turned society into a Machine for tearing people apart’,

Political activism as religion,

Thoughts on WWIII,

How the Establishment created the illusion that covid shots are ‘safe and effective’,

uS and Germany aren’t hiding their entanglement in the Ukraine war anymore,

Federal GOP showing its support for big gov’t,

Without God, there is no unchangeable human nature, for man is made in God’s image.  Thus, man and his society falls into disorder,

Communists try to besmirch the reputation of King Constantine II of Greece,

Roman Catholic intolerance of the Orthodox in Venice took a while to subside,

uS gov’t twisting Italy’s arm to provide missile defense system to Ukraine?

Is Russia’s Nice Guy treatment of the West over Ukraine inviting more aggression?

The old and deep reverence of Russians for Archangel Michael,

There can be peace between the uS and Russia, but only in Christ,

Federal bill would criminalize criticism of non-white folks,

The big AI push set for 2025,

Persecution of Christians picking up in the uS,

De-extinction technology,

Weaponizing lightning can be done,

Wyoming State legislators propose ban on sales of electric vehicles by 2035,

South Africa moving further into the sphere of Russia and China,

French can’t even find the decency to honor the dead Russians buried in their soil,

Reparations insanity in California,

Meanwhile, real African suffering in Nigeria is practically ignored by uS ‘civil rights leaders’,

The immorality of the Davos Elite illustrated by their widespread use of sex workers,

Russia and Turkey discuss ways to bring stability to the world,

More billionaires than ever attending Davos summit; uS will have the biggest delegation,

We should expect traps like this to be set for Christians today in order to falsely accuse them; but those who set these traps and harm Christians meet a bad end,

Trying desperately to keep Dr King in the pantheon of ‘Good Americans’ despite his many flaws (thanks to an unnamed person for this link),

Gold and silver to be legal tender in W. Virginia?

Melatonin for covid,

Japanese gov’t makes payments to people harmed and killed by covid shots,

Good advice for the governed and for the governors from a holy monk:  ‘He warned them that those who refuse to submit to authority are easily led astray by the Enemy. He also urged the Elders to be gentle with their disciples, and to avoid harsh treatment.’

Russiagate hoax helped lead to the current poisonous relations between the uS and Russia?

MLK, Jr’s ties to Planned Parenthood, contraception, etc.,

The triple trouble with the Federal Reserve,

Georgia’s Gov Kemp a globalist?

Twitter even did Big Pharma’s bidding to suppress alternatives to their high-priced covid vaxxes,

Evidence pointing towards an intentional uS release of covid in China,


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